A Meandre Through Existence

By: matyat heazar ismail

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Thursday, 2-Mar-2006 12:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
30 sen fuel Prices - Beginning of the end

Here we go again......

Within the last week, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has announced the government will decrease the petrol/petrol related products subsidy in Malaysia with a monumental increase of RM 0.30 sen per litre of petrol.

First off, the reasoning behind this so-called initiative is for the govt to enjoy a RM 4.4 bil rebate in lost subsidies. These sums will then be chanelled towards improving public transport.

Huh?! Public Transport you say? Please.......the public transport system in Malaysia, although showing a marked improvement over the last 10 years, leave a lot to be desired in terms of efficiency, safety, cleanliness and even the way they are also not making money but are being subsidised by the government. I dont get this...so therefore, the BIG MASTERPLAN is to replace oil subsidies and subsidise the public transport system instead?!!! Who thought of this novel idea?

And we are speaking of public transportation improvements, i would ask H.E Dato Seri to specify what improvements and where - is there a masterplan that will be implemented nationwide.....or is it just going to be another big transportation link in KL. This is the problem with administration, when they think of public transport, automatically they think " lets improve on the congestion problems in KL"

SO, my response to them is:

And even if the improvements go ahead nationwide (which i believe they wont ), the people hardest hit by these fuel hikes are not the corporate pezzanovantes or high rollers in KL, but the average working man who needs a car to transport his 2.5 children family around.

It will also hit most people who depend on their own transportation to get around; the people who do not have option of public transport : e.g rural farmers, native Sabahans or Sarawakians who live in rural areas and commute by motorboats, low income estate workers and also small scale businesses (stall owners, and mobile traders who make a living driving around in pursuit of customers).

These are the people the government should be looking out for. And the ripple effects you will continue to see after 2-3 weeks. Sure, the consumer ministry is saying that this wont effect ceiling prices of household goods, but mark my words, it will. It will just take a few more weeks before all this fracas dies down and the grocers and traders will introduce stealth increases in prices from onions to your average roti canai and teh tarik on the street.

And the reasoning behind the food price increases? Ohhh the fuel costs are increasing. And please tell me whom frequents these stalls and grocers and traders??? The ordinary man on the streets.

Now it seems that in Malaysia currently the ordinary man on the street gets no chance to say anything. Things are being thought out for him by the government. I plead with the Malaysian people, especially the Malays ( as i am a hard-core Malay);


So by this logic the executives whom we have unanimously elected to drive the corporation that is our country MUST ALSO CHANGE?!!!

UMNO must act now to quel this. No one likes 2 fuel hikes in the space of less that 18 months.

Is this the beginning of the end for Pak LAH?? Only time and the UMNO PEMILIHAN will tell.


UMNO Member

Thursday, 16-Feb-2006 12:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Racking my brain ...racking my brain...trying to find a glimmer!

At the moment, i am sitting down in my office, totally chilled out for the task ahead (yess...chilled out for the task ahead, you heard what i said).

I have 5 development proposals on my desk that needs to be taken care of.....aiyoooo...This is the core of what i do. reviewing proposals from our field offices and deciding whether they are worthy enough to receive funding from our coffers. And then, after approval, i manage the funds, the people working on the projects and hell even get a look in at the places where we are going to implement (field visits is a must with this job).

that's too much for me to stomach at the moment. So...i am chilling to the sounds of Sheikh Abdul Rahman As-Sudais reciting the Quran. This i feel relaxes me, and clears my mind before reviewing the proposals ( i know, i know...who CARES?!!)

We are currently working in Java, with the plan to expand in Lombok. Wow, man imagine having to travel to sun drenched, perfect beached, surfers paradise LOMBOK. Kinda tips the bias of approving the proposal a bit..don't you think.

But honestly, this job is quite a responsibility. For Aceh alone, we are spending £ 9 million this year, with over £ 1 million spent on other projects across Indonesia. I only get to see and manage the figures...if only they were mine.

Thinking of going home on the pretext of working at home, but not sure my manager would buy it....hell I'm gonna give it a try anyway.


Wednesday, 15-Feb-2006 12:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New Cabinet - New Beginning or just old faces being repainted


The PM did a shocker yesterday by announcing his cabinet line - up at 2.45 pm.

But the main question still lies for the Malaysian public to answer? Was the wait worth it.

It is general knowledge within the political circles; that the cabinet changes have been looming for a few months now. The rumourous breeze of this change started since the UMNO MT Elections, then the sacking of Tan Sri Isa.
At this point, the rumour mills across all the coffee shops and hotel lobbies in KL went to overdrive...who will be replaced? Who will stay?

But in general, my point of view is that this is a cabinet for Pak Lah to assert authority. Although he has been banging on about 9MP (which by the way is RMK 9 if it was pronounced during Tun Mahathirs era!).

When we look at it from a Barisan point of view, it is an exercise to cleanse the cabinet of stragglers or people not towing the component party line and to reward the winners of the recent GERAKAN + MCA internal elections. This also acts as to quell the rebellions and consolidate power for the winners.

However it may come as a surprise as the ever controversial Samy Vellu is re-annointed for the umpteenth time as Works Minister prior to the MIC AGM. Is this the sign, i.e a nod and wink from the PM signalling the Indians to keep Samy as the Numero Uno in their party?
Then what of the fate of Subra (the deputy of MIC whom over the past few months have been ravaged by Samy through the media; by actually stating that he is trying to find Subra's replacement).

I think for Subra, the gauntlet has been thrown down. It is do or die,as once annointed, there will be no stopping Samy to stay on for 5 more years. This is the time to mount a challenge for the Top Post.

From UMNOs perspective, i think as much as we want to believe that the re-shuffle is for the benefit of the 9th Malaysia Plan, we would rather still read between the lines.

From a Kedahan point of view, i am sad to see only one 1 Kedahan Minister (Dato Zam as Infor Minister) with Perlis getting 2 ministerial post and Penang and Perak getting at least 3 overall cabinet post.

Wheres the logic in that. A majority state like Kedah should get at least 2 ministerial posts in the cabinet. I am not again playing the "kenegerian" bias...Think in REAL POLITIK terms,

How many parlimentary seats a state represents? To give a state that has 3 parlimentarians 2 ministerial posts is just plain daylight robbery in my view. It would just start up complaints from Kedahans feeling that their support for Pak Lah is not appreciated. And believe me, these people can turn on you in a heartbeat.

It is also sad to see that Wilayah Persekutuan got 2 ministers from UMNO WP. UMNO members are aware of the tug-of war that is taking place in WP, and giving posts to the head honchos will solve the problem..or will it? Will it also in future cause other states to follow this example...hey!! its an easy enough way to climb to the top...

Want an important seat anyone? The message given out is to just act like the state UMNO is about to burst with internal quarelling with a few bosses at each others throat and you will get rewarded. Clearly there is a need to implement more "healthy" ways of giving out ministerial positions. Whatever happened to just good old CREDIBILITY for goodness sake?!!

There is also the matter of people with quite unsavoury records still hanging around in the line- up (Mr Samy and Dato Rafidah, you know who you are!!).

I am sure PakLah got the message from the crowd in the Perhimpunan Agong UMNO (PAU) 2005 when Rafidah was booed into,during and after proceedings. This shows you the mood of the reps from all states towards her. And yet, saying that you need her just plainly stating that every other WANITA leader in the country is incapable of replacing her!!!

And dont get me started on Mr Samy...ayooo! The amount of disregard to the public and arrogance that this man has is beyond belief. I do hope that one day Subra can tackle him in MIC.

In retrospect, the announcement of the line up is welcomed news to the PM entourage. This way they are side stepping more issues than Saddam Hussain at the Iraqi Tribunal. Lets list the burning issues that have disappeared out of public domain since the announcement:

1. PROTON Agusta MPV sales
2. Avenue Capital merger with ECM - LIBRA (sticking thorn to Mr KJ's backside)
3. The Rafidah AP issue
4. MRRR 2 Highway cracks
5. Purchase of multitude of GLC's by Singaporean (hi-ho friendly neighbours!!) conglomerates

I do hope, and I do seriously hope that something needs to be done in UMNO to reform and provide better service to the people.

I respect Tun Mahathirs tough stance regarding issues and his perseverance and hard work which led to us being respected the world over. A Mahathirite since i was politically concious, it is hard seeing all his hard work and legacy beginning to unravel at the seems.

Oh well, back to the drawing board i guess.........

Wednesday, 24-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
London and snoop - Long awaited relaxation

on the way to london - chiltern railways...crap n cheap
sushi and bento in Chinatown....hmmmmm
leicester square with ina
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After a few weeks of exams for the wife,and myself being buried with the curent aid work the company is dealing with in Indonesia, especially banda aceh......it was nice to go and relax.....

We went to london...and then headed home to watch the snoop concert. He was very good live man...i'm telling ya...

went with iqbal n haikal..the wanna be gangstas...tapi it was good fun..yg bosannya masa nak tangkap gambar muka aku ngan snoop...camera plak abis bateri...cilakak..

Monday, 25-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
First Day in Banda Aceh

day 1 - ujung batee beach
destruction of coastal village
destruction of coastal village
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Aku akhirnya sampai banda aceh.

the whole journey took about 25 hrs from Birmingham. My first day was very chilled out..they decided that since i came in in the evening (after working hours) they took me to Ujung Batee beach in Banda Aceh....

Its heart-warming seeing the aceh people swimming and having a good time. Who thought that 6 months ago..they were 200,000 dead.

They are getting into the norms of life eventhough there is still visible signs of destruction.

I went to visit our IR sites...some development work such as housing, clinics and visits with orphans and places where destruction has left the population without anything.....just coconut trees.

It is a sobering thought to know that these people have been given trial and tribulation from Allah, and where people like us would just give up...they just keep on striving to live and build better lives for themselves.

It was a week well spent aku rasa...at least ada appreciation for what life really means.

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